Under the Sun

Life is very short if you believe a 4D puzzle game Under the Sun from Australian developers. The game is aging with every step – the bridges crumble, trees grow and die, the turtle moves and freezes forever. But it is actually not as depressing as it may seem.

Gameplay is built on the management of a rapidly ageing man, which you need to press on rails shooters around. The course is also possible, and sometimes necessary to miss. At each level, the number of moves is limited, and to achieve the finish you need exactly what is shown on a rotating circle on the right.

In fact, the developers have laid here subtle idea of human aging, which in the end of fire, but immersed in eternal darkness. Your task in Under the Sun for Android – learn piece of the virtual Islands and processes happening in it, through interaction with the surrounding world to get to the fire.

The circle on the right side of the screen allows you to rewind time in both directions. This is very useful if, for example, a turtle comes and moves everything in its path, and the player needs to take the correct position or to move the animal somewhere. Such a mechanism seems very steep, especially compared to the traditional button restart the level

Under the Sun features a very colorful graphics and excellent drawing. All done in a fun style, and the owners of weak devices may include an “easy mode” to on their device toy went without glitches. Although a bit disappointing the visual monotony of all levels.

Before you is a charming, original and sometimes challenging puzzle game, which is really unique mechanics and a certain ideology. You’re enthusiastically trying to bring the man to the fire, interacting with the world and enjoying the victories. 10 locations with 60 levels are reserved for the most patient of gamers. Besides, the game is absolutely free.

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