Timelines: Assault On America – alternative military RTS

Game Timelines: Assault On America Imagine the unimaginable: what if Germany occupied part of the coast of the United States during the Second World war? This fantastic idea has become the basis of the RTS project Timelines: Assault On America.

Gameplay is divided into two parts: campaign and multiplayer. For multiplayer you have to be authorized through Google Play Games. As expected, in this mode you can fight with other players or against AI. The maximum number of simultaneous participants is four.

The campaign begins with training, but from the first seconds, the player feels a great General. The first steps are easy, because you will constantly give. The game can also be attributed to the genre Tower Defense, but in addition to protecting the base, you need to attack opponents and to skillfully manage his army.

For the construction of combat vehicles and infantry needs resources, territories need not only to capture but to protect. Units are very diverse – here you and the medics, and snipers, and mortars. The same can be said about equipment and weapons, even machine repair need, no automatic recovery.

Features Timelines: Assault on America for Android:

  • 12 battles in the campaign mode;
  • 9 available for play countries: USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Germany,
  • Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia;
  • Cross-platform multiplayer up to 4 players;
  • More than 200 upgrades;
  • Advanced strategic opportunities;
  • Excellent graphics;

A key aspect is the ability to manage and coordinate different departments in order to properly attack and take new lands under their control. Also we must not forget about the defense. Opponents are different, they can cause unexpected counter-attacks or escape to a remote, almost impenetrable defense. Game elements are well combined with each other, it’s really an RTS on a mobile device, such projects may be on the fingers to count.

Timelines: Assault On America is a pretty difficult game. It has a lot of aspects that have to learn. For example, guns need to unhook from tagaca, in tanks, you can switch between. Of course, it is best to learn directly in the game, which is what we suggest You do.

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