This War of Mine on Android Review

This War of Mine Even a brief acquaintance with the game enough to understand – in this universe we can find many reasons for joy.

Now, when you have time and a suitable android device allows us to fairly deeply immersed in the dark world of This War of Mine, it becomes clear that there is to admire here abound.

Unlike other games on similar subjects, This War of Mine is considering the horror of human conflict of this kind from the point of view of civilians trying to survive, hiding in abandoned buildings. And as a party to such dramatic events, the process of passing becomes surprisingly addictive. Special thanks for providing the game for review.

At the beginning of the game the way we gain control over the three surviving characters that use big, ruined house as a refuge. We need to look carefully at the sides and start searching for useful items such as a heater, stove or a bed. Day length is finite, and, after dark, someone needs to leave the building to go to collect supplies in the buildings nearby.

Travels, this will not be a summer walk in the Park, because we may need to resort to actions, which in another situation we would never want to use because wandering around not only armed soldiers and other desperate survivors.

And, at the same time, the survivors of the group may adversely react to our actions, knowing, complicit in what events they have become. Not even worth talking about their reaction if you killed someone. It is these moments, when one person is comforting and soothing else when you know that someone is up all night crying because I had to kill to not be killed and survive, really unique for this kind of toys.

Management is not as polished as a game mechanic in General, but there’s nothing in him to which it would be impossible to adapt. Movement and interaction with objects by means of a touchscreen is implemented very well and is superior to similar controls in the PC/Mac versions of the game. Kind of annoying that the camera doesn’t switch characters when they complete tasks such as unblocking the passage or build anything (especially when performing tasks limited by time), but you can always use in these situations icon heroes.

To cost to notice that after using This War of Mine on PC, the version for android device to something new, not counting portability, will not work. But, in any case, to deprive yourself of these gaming experience, we highly do not recommend, because apart imperceptibly flown by the time we managed to obtain a unique set of emotions and thrilling memories.

Play Store — $14.99

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