Review of Star Wars

Star Wars: Uprising The game “Star Wars: Uprising” for Android is another attempt to tell a new story in the universe of “Star wars”.

The game is intended to help fill the time gap between the last film of the original trilogy “return of the Jedi” and “the Awakening power” is the hotly anticipated seventh film of the series.

Certainly, small pieces of the new story will appeal to hardcore fans of the Saga. But the problem is that the more the project is nothing to boast: after a promising Intro, everyone is rapidly flipped upside the head, and to our dismay, can see his true form. Boring and monotonous are ideal characteristics for Star Wars: Uprising.

Following the canons of the classical representatives of the genre, our way in this action–RPG begins with the selection of the type and character name, then we offer a short training episodes. Note that you will need to get used to the abundance of information that every 30 seconds appears on the screen.

With regard to, experienced gamers will find the standard game mechanics. A simple tap will allow you to navigate through the game world and attack enemies. Unfortunately, there are no elements of strategy or role-you will not find here. All actions are reduced to collect a variety of loot and experience.

Advancing the storyline, we are destroying opponents along the way improving their equipment. After the mission, we receive “generous” compensation in the form of tiny scraps of stories that help a little to smooth the impression of dull and unprincipled structure of tasks.

Players are given the opportunity to go online and compete with your mates. But in this mode they were waiting for the unpleasant moments. One of them is a terrible imbalance that can exacerbate the urge to throw Uprising on Android in a few hours.

How should this product? As a bad attempt to cash in on the brand, around which was played information storm caused by the approaching premiere of the new film. We will refrain from such categorical judgments. But for us the obvious fact that: Star Wars: Uprising is a tedious and secondary hack, not worthy of attention of fans of the adventures of the Jedi.

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