Jitsi Meet — Conversation Unlimited

July 03, 2020

Jitsi Meet is a mobile messenger. Its simple, yet practical functionality allows exchanging messages, making video and audio calls, as well as hosting massive online conferences. Being free of charge, Jitsi could be an excellent solution for staying in touch.

Features 9/10

By far, Jitsi Meet claims to be the most generous messenger on the market. As one of the app’s slogans goes, you can have virtually as many participants as you want. And there will be no fees, restrictions or punishments. 

In reality, a group video call can accommodate just 75 people. It’s not exactly an infinite number promised in a burst of altruism. But still, it's very impressive, which beats free options from Zoom and Facetime. 

Limitations aside, Jitsi has a wealthy feature palette. One of the things to adore is the chat rooms. Similar to Houseparty, in Jitsi you can spawn multiple chat rooms (not sure how many though). Each one can be shielded with a unique link/password for extra privacy.

Administering a chat isn’t cream and peaches, though. For instance, Jitsi lacks audio muting — an option you desperately need when hosting a conference, briefing, brainstorm or Lineage guild assembly.  

Ease of Use 6/10

Using Jitsi is no rocket science. Just like any other messenger, it automatically finds contacts and allows you to be in touch with anyone. Even with people who don’t use Jitsi — a uniquely generated link is the only invitation card they need.

On the other hand, glitching and bugging are frequent guests at the Jitsi conferences. Occasionally, the app may stop responding to the commands you give. So, ending a group call becomes impossible until you reboot your device.

Another flaw is the quick battery draining. Jitsi has a good appetite, as it can chew and swallow about 20% battery in just 10 minutes. So, make sure to have a socket/power bank nearby. (Overall battery life with Jitsi depends on your device).

Design /10

We have a nice matte black & blue GUI here with semi-transparent backgrounds. The navigation page is plain and simple. Within half a minute, you can start a livestream, invite people to join the conference or create a VIP chatroom. The user grid view is a plus, as it allows monitoring your audience more efficiently.


Jitsi charges no fee whatsoever. At least so far, so hurry up to grab it. It’s an open-source project, which means volunteering coders support its performance and functionality along with the app’s authors.

However, on Amazon, you can design your own Jitsi premium server. The investment promises to provide better stability, even clearer call quality, and an increased participant number.


Jitsi Meet may have issues, but it’s free. And the tasty soup of all its functions is served together with Opus and VP8 formats — they will make your communication quite enjoyable.

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