WhatsApp — Best Place to Han Out

March 03, 2020

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger with 5 billion downloads. Why is it a smash hit? Mostly because of the clean and laconic interface, absence of ads, and a simple, yet nice functionality. So, if you belong to the 2 billion-crowd who never tried it — perhaps it’s the time. 

Features 9.5/10

As an iconic messenger, WhatsApp has everything you need to stay in touch. First, you get instant messages that you can liven up with a tinge of humor and cuteness. Classic emojis featuring kitties, koalas and penguins, as well as stickers and memetic GIFs — they will make your convo feel alive.  

If you prefer talking with your voice — VMs are at your disposal. They employ Opus format, so the record quality is decent. Want an actual phone conversation? An audio call in WhatsApp won’t charge you a dime. (But will use some megabytes).

And finally — video calls. The app provides a suitable video quality. If a face to face talk isn’t possible, WhatsApp will make a fair substitute. And if sometimes the quality may drop, the app almost never suffers from poor syncing. You can call up to 8 people at the same time.

You can also exchange media files — from MP4 to PDF. WhatsApp allows snapping selfies that you can send right away. You can put text on them or outline something using a marker tool.

Plus, you may share your current mood with the app’s contacts. WhatsApp Status allows posting a photo/short video or GIF. And since Instagram and WhatsApp are in the same FB roster, you’ll be able to transfer these statuses to your Insta stories in the future.

Ease of Use 10/10

WhatsApp is pretty straightforward. After verifying your number, you can get to chatting in a jiffy. It will find people who also use WhatsApp from your contact list — the app’s green logo will appear under their phone numbers.  

And from that checkpoint, using WhatsApp is as simple as making fritters. Tap the phone icon to make a call. Tap the camera if you want to see a dear face you’ve been missing lately. Hold the mic button and mumble a voice note, if your vis-à-vis can’t talk at the moment.

Design 10/10

The app is a serene and quiet in terms of visuals. It’s composed primarily of green, white and blue. There’s also a nice default wallpaper carrying a strong vibe of childhood mixed with creativity and freedom. But you can change it: just pick from the app’s catalogue or your own gallery.


WhatsApp is free and features no ads. Originally, it was intended to be chargeless and anti-ads till its last day. However, Facebook contemplates ways of cramming advertisement in the application.  


At the moment, WhatsApp is probably the best instant messenger. Its feature repertoire isn’t as tremendous as the one offered by Telegram or Snapchat. But its simplicity and intuitively make WhatsApp a wonderful connectivity tool. So, stay in touch with people on every continent. 

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