Brawl Stars — If Your Fists Are Itching...

May 27, 2019

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer fighter/survival game. Your mission is to give a good whacking to the real opponents. Clear the map from their foul presence and snatch the trophies that both upgrade your character cosmetically and win a sweet position for your team in the leader charts.  

Plot 8/10

So, what’s the best way to relieve all the work stress? That’s right — beating the soul out of a random stranger online whose nickname says DirtyHarry87 or tentacles&fun. Brawl Stars is all about scuffling on a top-down view arena. Your squad vs. the enemy team. 3x3 format.

And there’s a whole kaleidoscope of ways and means to unleash violence. Apart from elbow hits from Mexican wrestling and karate chops, you can also put a rich arsenal to good use. 

How about warming up a foe with a Molotov? Or turn him into a colander with a pair of cowboy pistols? And there’s a pet bear you can summon from hibernation — he hunts down the rivals only with one goal in mind: tasting their sweet innards.

As a team-game, Brawl Stars offers a few modes:

  • Bounty. Kill foes until you rack up enough frags.
  • Heist. Destroy their safe or they will blow up yours.
  • Gem Mod. Snatch and protect 10 gems to get the winner’s banner.
  • Showdown. A take on the battle royale with 10 players and a shrinking arena.

And of course Brawl Ball. Behind its intriguing title, there is soccer with guns. As you know, more guns = more fun. 

Controls 6.5/10

Like all action games on mobile, BS is a tad of a challenge. There’s a virtual joystick to direct your bloodthirsty avatar. Shooting and aiming are assigned to two buttons on the right. You can also tap a skull-button to shoot at the nearest hostile.


Its top-down view allows BS to avoid visual clutter and camera glitches — what some other mobile shooters often suffer from. The game itself is presented as a fun, cartoonish, higgledy-piggledy mayhem. 

And the character personas are more than lovely: a Mariachi skeleton, luchador wrestler, a cowboy who doubles as an Elvis impersonator, some weird girl riding a barely tamed bear, etc. 

In-Game Purchases

For the most part, Brawl Stars is free. But if you’re hoggish about your pennies, then you can kiss goodbye to rare and legendary brawlers. These guys have unique talents. For instance, Leon can turn invisible for a few seconds. And his colleague Spike — a humanoid cactus — is pretty good at splash damage with his needle grenade. 

Legendary brawlers can be purchased for gems — the main fake currency of BS. You can also invest them in the event tickets. They are a pass to the weekly special events, each of which is a unique battle. Like Robo Rumble: here your squad fends off 9 waves of killer robots.  


Brawl Stars is a splendid way to work off steam. So, if you’ve had a long day at work or need to rest your brain for 20 minutes, join this bizarre, helter-skelter scuffle game.

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  • Cool GAME!!! I really like it!!! Jest mega super fajna
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  • Super spiel und möchte gerne das spiel auf pc spielen deshalb wäre es cool danke
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  • I like brawl stars . Play brawl stars every time and every time wherever i go and with my friends every time
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  • Kocham tą grę i codziennie w nią gram ale jest mi przykro bo nie mogę zainstalować tej aplikacji na swój laptop! ) :
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Brawl Stars is a multiplayer fighter/survival game. Your mission is to give a good whacking to the real opponents. Clear the map from their foul presence and snatch the trophies that both upgrade your...