Minecraft — Lego Land Goes Live

May 27, 2019

Minecraft is an online sandbox game that revolves around mining and crafting. As you enter this wacky world inhabited with cubic ocelots, dragons and melons, soon enough you realize that it’s just your pickaxe whom you can fully trust. But the more strange dangers there are — the more fun it is to play.  


Once you’re in Minecraft, take a look around. Everything is cuboid here — from oranges to water drops. Even the planet Earth itself is one giant block, populated by loony creatures and players. Some of them will be your friends. Others will persistently try to detonate you.

Your pickaxe is your only friend in the beginning. Use it to mine gold, coal, lava, slime, wood, stone, clay — all the resources that you can invest in building a shelter. Hide there to survive waves of mobs and use fire to make them scurry away in superstitious panic.

Once you have a house, you can expand your little empire. You will need something like a furnace to extend your inventory, There’s plenty of hostile mobs and having a Viking battle axe with a solid chest plate, resistant to dragon claws, isn’t a bad idea.

Snow golems, vindicators, ravagers, chicken jockeys — they roam this pixel land. And when they find you, you’d better have a good arsenal with longbows and ice bombs to throw them a good welcome party. 

You can also unleash your fantasy and build some insane architecture — say a slime palace where furniture is made of TNT. Or partake in a seasonal event. Village & Pillage is the freshest one.   


Minecraft is surprisingly well adapted to mobile. You have a joystick to control your movement, inventory, and so forth. However, don’t expect to handle biz in Minecraft Mobile with the same agility that you have on PC/consoles. Unless you have a gamepad.   


Thanks to the pixel overkill, Minecraft looks nice and dandy on mobile devices. Honestly, none of its visuals were sacrificed during the adaptation period. So, you can behold the blocky rivers, hills, mountains, and Ender dragons in all their glory.

Gameplay mechanics have been kept intact as well. You will spot just a few minor flaws. First, Minecraft mobile is completely silent. There is no iconic pickaxe clashing noises, as well as you won’t hear legendary pig step music masterpieces.

Second, at times the game tends to mess up your nickname. When playing with your friends, you may be surprised that all of your names were changed to Steve or another generic English alias.   

In-Game Purchases

The game itself costs around $7 on Google Play. Additionally, if you love standing out from the crowd, you’ll be offered to buy Minecoins, exclusive skin packs, texture packs, thematic mash-ups, survival spawns, adventure maps, mini-games, and so forth. Prices may be as high as $55.


Survival, exploration, action, and architecture skills — if you enjoy all of this, Minecraft mobile is 7 bucks away from you.

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  • I wish I could play other people and meet new friends have fun and meet minecraft youtubers like Poke,Dylan,Paul,Pat and Jen,and other youtubers and I wish I could meet them all in person and don't just meet them online I mean real life
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  • Survival mode Is good because I like getting achievements!!
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  • This is stupid no one will ever play this game because it suks forklift is so much butter kepause u can buld in it
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  • minecraft wont load on my iphone or any other phone i have so im trying to get on my laptop
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  • can i get minecraft for free on chrome plz i beg mercy
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