Facebook Messenger Lite — Good-Ol’ Friend Revamped

March 03, 2020

Facebook Messenger is an app to stay in touch. A stripped-down version of the original FB Messenger, it serves as your phone’s pass to the entire realm of this social behemoth. With most of the classic features that you love and cherish.

Features 8.5/10

If you’re a fan of Facebook. If you never get enough of parlaying with your friendos there. And if getting news — from the CNN’s top stories to the local articles on cute baby goats — is your daily ritual, then… you’re in luck!

Messenger Lite may be abridged a little. But it still provides the core Facebook experience in its entirety. It is taking a minimal toll on your gadget’s memory and operational capacity. But even with this little price, you still can do a lot.

First, you get unlimited chatting. The classic FB emojis, color customization, and GIFs are included. You can also leave voice notes, make video/audio calls, and exchange media files.

And then, Messenger Lite allows you to stay the social diva that you are. No matter what. You can explore the entire platform, looking for news, memes, thematic mini-societies (a.k.a. public groups), and so on. 

Status updates and access to your photo album are also in the package. So, if you’re a bit blue due to the cold summer or hyped up about the global shut down nearing its end — let the entire friend list share your sentiment. 

Finally, FB Marketplace is subtly woven into the app. That means you can search for interesting bargains and tempting sales on the platform. And then pay for any item — Bradbury sweatpants, vintage tape recorder, or clementine perfume — right in the app.

Ease of Use 8/10

With a few glitches and surprise shutdowns aside, Messenger Lite shows good stability. The reduced features allow faster performance. Meanwhile, the full FB Messenger is at times as clumsy as an overloaded drug mule.  

What I also like, is the app’s size. It’s about 6 MB, which means you can get it running on an older device. And the cherry on top: inspired by the likes of IMO, Messenger supports the 2G network. So, if you’re planning a trip to Ghana, Bhutan or Cambodia, 2G and 3G compatibility could help. 

Design 7/10

Minimalistic and laconic, it’s still the same mobile Facebook. In fact, its brusque design is more favorable. At least, you won’t sit there rubbing your neck, trying to figure out which button does what. Less confusion = more action!

The functionality is neatly organized. With a tap, you can manage your friend list, notifications, watch comments, visit the Marketplace and buy stuff. Sadly, the games aren’t available. So don’t plan to kill time playing Words with Friends.


Facebook Messenger is free to use and has no premium features to unlock. In return, you’ll be exposed to relatively innocent context ads. Although distasteful advertising makes its way there too sometimes — feel free to report it.


Facebook Messenger Lite is a great way to stay with your FB amigos, post pics and follow brands, Netflix shows, video games and other interesting pages.

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