Still The Best All-in-one Game Out There

March 05, 2019

I’m just a girl who likes common basic things, but I do enjoy GTA V. I’ve played a little bit all of the parts beginning from Vice City. But maybe GTA now has become basic because it’s so popular, people who've never played this game are talking about it. In my opinion, it’s the best game not only in the GTA series but the best game period. And I think, most of the gamers agree with me. Because it has everything you need for the perfect game. You want to shoot people and commit crimes? It’s GTA. You want to race and drive cars? It’s GTA. You can even water and skydive here, what more do you want?


GTA V has a much better plot than previous parts. This time you play for three main characters which is better than one because you always have full of events story. I'm not going to name them because it's boring and you can learn this from Wikipedia. I'll just say that my personal favorite was Michael because he's the most normal and I hated playing as Trevor he’s way too disgusting. Franklin is kind of boring.

Another beauty of this game is that it's a lot of games in one: all-you-can-kill shooter, deadly races, main and side quests, and, of course, open world map. And the plot is so fulfilling plot you won’t get tired of it. Correction, you will get tired but not because of boredom. It has even network and TMZ inside the game. There are many more plots and storylines available in GTA online.


One of the main things in GTA always have been driving. This time it's much better. Game's creators heard us when we said that the GTA's vehicles were always hard to control especially the piloting. But now driving and flying is pure pleasure, it's very precise and stable. In other ways, the controls and its performance didn't change in this part of the games.


It's obvious that GTA V has the same engine as before. You'll recognize the same NPCs’ way of walking and the same car driving. The graphics also look similar, but this time they're much more detailed and realistic. It's still not too amazing, but it does look that you're in L.A. The animation here has also improved, sometimes it's like you're watching a movie. The metal, leather, plastic, and water in the game look great as well.

I was also impressed by how amazing and realistic the vehicles look, and there are so many of them. Bike, bicycles, speed boats, few types of choppers, not to mention the vast collection of rare and speed cars. There are even flying saucers in the game and underwater transportation.

In-Game Purchases

The basic game costs $29.99 for Windows and can get to $119.97 on STEAM depending on what you get in the pack. If you want to purchase cash for the game, you can get Shark Cash Cards for an extra cost (the prices are from $2.99 for $100,000 to $99.99 for $8,000,000 game’s cash). And don't cheat, dude, you can pay 3 bucks for this game, it's worth it.

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  • good game i love this game but i am donloading right know i love this game
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  • It's very nice game and I like this game and I love this game!!!
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  • It is the best thing ever very good graphics recommenced
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  • I love rock star games and grand theft auto is my favorite
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  • That's a very good game that's raliend i love gta please i want this
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