Fortnite — There Can Be Only One...

February 22, 2019

Fortnite is an online battle royale game. Combining a genre variety — first-person shooter, stealth, survival, and others — the game challenges you to compete with other 99 players. A massive battle on a massive arena with a gigantic weapon arsenal. And a few groovy dance moves.  


If any game can teach you better teamwork skills, apart from Halo 4 and Dota, it’s Fortnite. As you land on a nameless island with your crew, you need to stay together to survive. Scavenge for ammo and weapons, do a bit of scouting, hone the ambush skills… covering each other’s back is cardinal!

But if you’re a lone wolf, that’s okay too. As a one-man-band, you need to be a gunman, sniper, saboteur, and architect in one. And occasionally a vulture, as letting other players fight and finishing the survivors is the best tactic for a loner. 

Armory is also a thrilling bag of toys. In it, we can find weapons ranging from average to mythic. Tactical and pump shotguns, SMGs, sniper rifles, frag grenades, proximity mines, crossbows… You can even harpoon an enemy, embodying the Moby Dick narrative.

Building stuff is also a major part of Fortnite. Once you have enough materials, you can erect a building within seconds, just like Aladdin’s jinn. It won’t last for long, but it can absorb bullets pretty well, giving you a short-lived bunker. Or a vantage point. 


As a shooter game, Fortnite mobile has certain flaws. Namely, the move direction feels somewhat cumbersome. Add to it a bit dodgy camera positioning, and there you have it: maneuvering becomes a nightmare.

At the same time, Fortnite has auto fire-assist — something that can save your matches. Especially if you’re a rookie. For more controlling players, Tap Anywhere is a great alternative. It allows tapping your screen randomly to regurgitate bullets from the gun.

As for pros, they can try the Dedicated Button. That means you have full control over when, how rapid, and at whom your gun will send the hot death kisses. But enabling it without a gamepad is suicidal.  


Despite hot action, Fortnite is a fun game. And its universe is a smooth, cartoony world with a wealth of decorations, locales, and biomes. This scenery is brought to life with solid particle effects and ray tracing. Cinematic explosions and bullet whistle nicely convey the vibe of a grandiose battle too.   

In-Game Purchases

Fortnite Mobile is free to download and play. However, you can purchase V-bucks. This is the pseudo-money, which allows tweaking your character’s looks and clothes until he/she is as pretty as a porcelain pot.

Additionally, you can unlock dance emotes. These are expressive, groovy moves that you may bust to celebrate a victory, the grand premiere of a new season, or a successful finish of the anti-Midas campaign.


With 5 million players, Fortnite Mobile wants to challenge your combat prowess. Ready to pick up the gauntlet? Then get aboard!  

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  • I love the game I play it on both of my xboxs on my ps5 Nintendo pc and even I pad but I'd love it for fortnite to be available on all android devices
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  • i wish i could play but i cant so i would like to see more things like adding the qaud crushers bk stuff that can drive on land boats dont move as fast as the other stuff so can u please add bk stuff that would rlly make the game better. Thank You
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  • i love this game and i want to try it out on pc!!!!!!!!
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  • I love this game so much that I could play this game not stopping
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  • wassup, fortnite is the best game ever because that is my favorite game ever i play it every day
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Fortnite is an online battle royale game. Combining a genre variety — first-person shooter, stealth, survival, and others — the game challenges you to compete with other 99 players. A mass...

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