Islam 360 – Your Comprehensive Quran, Azan & Qibla

February 21, 2019

Islam 360 is a convenient application that is designed to provide you with assistance during praying. The app includes comprehensive materials and prayer times so that you will never skip prayers and understand every single word of Islamic holy scriptures. You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and use it on your iOS and Android devices. 

Features 8/10

First of all, Islam 360 is a comprehensive Islamic library that includes the complete version of the Quran. Thorough translations and detailed explanations accompany the entire scripture. The commentary is fully taken from the Tafseer. Next, it provides you with a full text of Hadith with all major references included and explained so that you can understand everything better. Also, there’s a complete Hajj, Umrah, guidance in Urdu, and English. 

The prayer timing feature lets you define what the best timings for praying in your particular location are. The GPS-powered location detector can show you the most suitable prayer times during the day so that you don’t skip. Also, you can figure out what is the appropriate Qibla direction for praying. There’s also an extensive set of additional features for getting deeper insights into holy scriptures and translations. It’s an excellent way to learn everything about Islam on the go.  

Ease of Use 10/10

Using the app, you can easily search for the needed parts of scriptures and translations via a powerful search that can find Arabic words instantly. Although the app includes so much information, you won’t have problems while reading and listening. Moreover, you can share any text and audio from the app with your friends and family.

Design 10/10

Islam 360 is a modern mobile app that provides a seamless experience and a pleasant aesthetic feeling. You can be sure that you won’t have problems with the navigation even if you’re not an experienced smartphone user. The app is split into 5 quick-access tabs so that you can navigate instantly. 

Pricing 10/10

The entire library of scriptures and translations is provided for free. However, some of the features require an Internet connection, so you may need to pay for WiFi or mobile traffic. Public WiFi hotspots will work ok too. 


Islam 360 is one of the most comprehensive apps for honoring Islamic traditions, praying at the right time, and discovering new facts from the Quran and Hadith every day of your life. It’s a must-have application for all people who profess Islam and want to have all the important texts anywhere they go. 

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  • Sir please ak jga galti hai. Surah najam... Ayat number 20 mai... K start mai 1 zabar miss hi. Please review kijiyga
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  • I suggest this app should be in Chines language also, as now we have seen allhumdolillaha islam is spreading in China very much but they don't have source or anyone to teach them how to perform correct way namaz, azan........once this apps is developed in local chines language this will be a great help to them.
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  • Masha Allah very nice I like it . I want to down load
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  • I need to download Islam 360 in Russian language. But I failed Please tell me how if possible
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  • I have one of the very editions of the Islam 360. The ayats in this version are not numberd. How do I Get the latest version with ayats numberd. How do I become o paying member Thanks.
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